Build a one-to-one relationship with millions of members.

Build a one-to-one relationship with millions of members.

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Deliver the right incentive to the right consumer using real-time data.

Smart segmentation

Maximize campaign ROI with strategic segmentation that gives different incentives to different consumers based on purchase behaviour. Intelligently target offers for different purchases – trial, loyalty, and repeat – and for your lost consumers.

Mobile and web presence

Reach members the way that they want to be reached with our iOS app, Android app, and website.

Gain insights to drive measurable business results

With our tracking and reporting capabilities, you’ll gain a rich understanding of your audience’s purchase behaviour, so you can continually optimize campaigns for loyalty and engagement.

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How Checkout 51 works.


Set up your campaign

Customize your campaign and set your budget to reach the entire Checkout 51 member base or target specific consumers.


Pay for performance

Our pay-for-performance model means you only pay when a member redeems your offer.


Measure, learn, optimize

Measure your results to learn actionable insights for your next campaign.

Understand and optimize 
your campaigns.

How did it perform?

Evaluate results and measure success metrics against pre-determined KPIs like household penetration, trial, and repeat purchase.

What was the category impact?

Determine how your offer influences consumer spending patterns, the source of your volume, and whether share gains are sustainable.

How did it move the needle on your business?

Calculate the in-store revenue per dollar spent and incremental contribution to your profit and volume objectives.

Uncover key insights about 
your brand and consumers.

Shopping trip analytics

Learn from members’ baskets to uncover your brand’s affinities with other products.

Consumer segmentation

Use our demographic, Facebook, and basket data to learn more about who’s buying your products.

Direct consumer feedback

Get answers by leveraging Checkout 51’s ability to survey members directly after purchase or consumption.

Expand your reach and engage consumers with Checkout 51.

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