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Any grocery trip over $60 for a chance to win $500† coupon

$0.00 Cash Back Any grocery trip over $60 for a chance to win $500† $0.00 Cash Back

Brought to you by the Scotia Momentum® VISA Infinite* card.

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® Registered trademarks of The Bank of Nova Scotia. Trademark of The Bank of Nova Scotia. *VISA Int/Lic. user The Bank of Nova Scotia.

All Scotia Momentum VISA Infinite cards issued or reissued after March 14, 2011 will have Visa payWave.

1 You will earn 4% cash back on the first $25,000 you spend annually at gas stations and grocery stores. 4% cash back applies at merchants which are classified in the Visa Inc. (VISA) network as Grocery Stores & Supermarkets, Service Stations (with or without ancillary services), and Automated Fuel Dispensers (Merchant Codes: 5411, 5541 & 5542). Some merchants may sell these products/services or are separate merchants who are located on the premises of these merchants, but are classified by VISA in another manner, in which case this added benefit would not apply. You will earn 1% cash back on purchases made after you have reached the 4% and 2% $25,000 annual spend maximum ("overflow") and on all other eligible purchases made with the card. Purchase returns, payments, cash advances, Scotia® Credit Card Cheques, credit vouchers, card fees, interest charges or service/transaction charges do not qualify for Scotia Momentum cash back. Visit or a Scotiabank branch for full details.

Important Disclosure Information: The Scotia Momentum® VISA infinite* card’s regular interest rate is 19.99% for purchases. For cash advances, balance transfers and Scotia Credit Card Cheques the interest rate is 21.99%. Annual fee of $99 for your primary card and a $30 annual fee for each additional Scotiabank Visa card(s) to be charged when the card(s) is/are issued, regardless of card activation and will be billed to your first statement and once a year thereafter. Cash advance fee for each cash advance: processed by a teller at any financial institution in Canada: $2.50, obtained at any Scotiabank Automated Banking Machine (ABM) in Canada: $2.50; obtained at any non-Scotiabank ABM in Canada displaying the Interac symbol: $2.50; obtained at any ABM outside of Canada: $5.00; processed by a teller at any financial institution outside of Canada: $5.00; Balance transfer fee: 1.00 % of the balance transfer amount, for each balance transfer over $ 100.00 during a period when a promotional interest rate applicable to balance transfers is in effect on your account which is lower than your regular interest rate for balance transfers. Annual fee(s), dishonoured payment fee and dishonoured Scotia Credit Card Cheque fee are treated as purchases and are subject to the prevailing interest rate applicable to purchases. Other fees: dishonoured payment fee: $42.50 (fee is charged for each VISA payment dishonoured by your financial institution on the date the payment is returned/dishonoured); dishonoured Scotia® Credit Card Cheque fee: $42.50 (fee is charged on the date the cheque is returned for each cheque which is returned due to insufficient credit available in your VISA account); each replacement sales draft, cash advance draft or monthly statement: $5.00. Foreign currency conversion: exchange rate includes an amount equal to 2.5% of the converted amount. Rates and fees are as of September 1, 2013 and are subject to change without notice. Where your account is secured or held as part of the Scotia Total Equity® Plan, additional fees and charges will apply related to the security and registration. Additional information will be provided to you if you are interested in applying for a secured VISA account. For current rates and information on fees and interest costs, call 1-888-882-8958 or visit

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