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Senior Full Stack Developer, Freedom

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Here at Checkout 51, we work with some of the largest brands on the planet across a network of millions of shoppers in Canada and the US, who save money on their favourite items. We turn shoppers into buyers - committed to make shopping experiences better through value, inspiration and convenience. As an experienced Full Stack Developer you’ll work on the backend and front end of our B2B product (Freedom), an open digital incentive network.

Most of our tech stack:

  • We use many of the AWS products (ex: ec2, lambda, s3, rds, aurora, elasticache, redis, memcached, data pipelines, redshift, beanstalk, ecs)
  • We primarily use PHP but have some node.js and java components as well.
  • We’ve transitioned from a monolithic app to microservices with more work to be done
  • We’re using React for our platform admin UI
  • We use several tools to help us everyday - Git, Jira, VS Code, New Relic, Cloud Watch, etc

Typical things we'll do together:

  • Add new features to our APIs that feed our distribution partners (such as Checkout 51)
  • Build out new functionality in our React front-end
  • Work with product managers and designers to enhance and build on our entire platform
  • Come up with creative ways of integrating with our partners
  • Write complex SQL queries that dig through huge data sets to provide insights to our data analytics team
  • Write code that will scale with our growing user base, partners and data stores
  • Tweak the use of memcached and redis to find optimizations
  • Develop microservices to parallelize request processing
  • Write tests and perform code reviews to ensure that we’re shipping reliable, readable, and reusable code on a daily basis
  • Constantly improve our CI and release cycles

Now - a little bit about you! Ideally, you'll resonate with many of the following:

  • Have a desire to learn and take on challenging problems
  • You have the knowledge and experience to provide an opinion/ recommendation on how to build solutions
  • Comfortable working with PHP or another object oriented language
  • Have a solid history working with MySQL, Postgres and other RDBMS
  • You have the drive to see a problem through all the way from definition to production
  • Have an excellent understanding of Object-oriented Design
  • Can perform code reviews and provide guidance to best practices
  • Are familiar with how to design and integrate with APIs
  • You think at scale and can talk about large-scale applications you’ve worked on
  • Experience working with frontend technology such as HTML, CSS, JS and React

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